the evolution of facebook

The Evolution of Facebook: What Hoteliers Need to Know to Be Successful

When Facebook first launched in 2004, it was intended as a social networking platform for college kids. Back then, not even Mark Zuckerberg could have predicted that Facebook would become the behemoth it is today. Facebook has transformed from a social network into a multi-pronged advertising and search platform, connecting businesses to Facebook’s 2 billion monthly active users. Hoteliers need to stop aimlessly posting and develop a complete Facebook marketing strategy to ensure they’re leveraging Facebook to its full potential. Download this eBook to learn how to optimize your Facebook page and posts to reach a wider audience, and how to turn social media engagement into direct bookings.

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Chapters In This Resource

Ch. 1: The Evolution of Facebook

From social network to advertising platform to the search engine of the future, the evolution of Facebook is extraordinary.

Ch. 2: How to Optimize Your Facebook Page

Hoteliers need to re-evaluate how they’re using Facebook to connect with travel shoppers and drive more direct bookings.

Ch. 3: What to Post on Facebook

Go viral! Discover what type of content travel shoppers want to see on Facebook and get practical tips to improve your posts.

Ch. 4: Turn Facebook Engagement into Direct Bookings

Find out how to turn all your likes, comments and shares into direct bookings.

With all of this personal data, and continuous improvements being made to Facebook search, hoteliers need to re-evaluate how they are using Facebook, and how it might help them drive more direct bookings.

Think of your Facebook page as an extension of your website. Just as you would optimize your website for traditional search engines (e.g. Google), you also need to optimize your Facebook page for Facebook search.”

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