How The Best Western Naperville Inn Shifted 15% of OTA bookings to Direct and Boosted ADR and RevPar by 10%

Their Problems
  • Website difficult to maintain
  • Low organic traffic
  • Website not converting
  • High OTA commissions
Highlights With Vizlly

A New Visual-First


ADR and RevPar


OTA Commissions


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Case Study

Why BW Naperville Inn Added Vizlly to Their Digital Marketing Arsenal & Is Reaping the Rewards

The city of Naperville, Illinois is home to the BEST WESTERN Naperville Inn, only 25 miles away from downtown Chicago. The hotel is conveniently located for both business and leisure travelers, nestled as it is among historic landmarks and close to O’Hare airport. But, with hotels from nearly every major brand in and around the area, competition to earn a guest’s business can be difficult.

The Challenge: Improving Key Performance Metrics while Keeping Up with Daily Demands

Maripat Oliver is a very busy woman. As the Director of Sales at the property, her performance is measured by metrics like ADR, RevPar and Occupancy Rates. Focusing on keeping her sales numbers up is a big challenge, especially while she’s also assisting the hotel owner with ad hoc requests, managing renovations and filling in where needed.

On top of all of these demands, she’s also responsible for managing the hotel’s digital marketing. Reviving the hotel’s digital marketing strategy with a conversion-driven website would directly impact Maripat’s sales metrics in a positive way and alleviate some of her stress – all she needed an easy way to manage it.

The Solution: An Easy-to-Use Digital Marketing System that Generates Guest Interest

With a subscription to the Vizlly Digital Marketing System – an easy, effective way to manage hotel digital marketing – Maripat got on the fast track to generating big results without devoting a lot of time or having to learn new skills. Maripat started with the most important piece of any digital marketing strategy – her hotel’s website, which is the property’s digital storefront. Maripat launched a new Vizlly hotel website in July 2016, featuring large, high-resolution images, SEO-optimized descriptive copy, and prominent “Check Rates” buttons that drive visitors right to the BEST WESTERN booking engine on every page. These are just some of the elements of the hotel’s Vizlly website that make it a performance powerhouse.

As a robust digital marketing solution, Vizlly also enabled Maripat to enhance the hotel’s Facebook page with visually-driven apps to showcase the rooms and promote special offers – creatively named “The Best Rooms” and “The Best Offers,” fitting for a Best Western that is “the best hotel in Naperville.”

With the website working to generate bookings and keep the hotel’s sales performance up, Maripat found an hour or two per week to actively engage with guests on Facebook and post updates about what’s happening in and around the property. She has also begun adding blog posts on Facebook, which she eventually plans to add to the hotel website as a way to share information and updates with guests and continue to move up in search engine rankings.

Better Search Rankings and Media Engagement

There are other exciting results post-Vizlly. The hotel’s website is quickly moving up in organic search results for terms like “hotels in Naperville” and is performing above average in terms of Purchase Intent (meaning the number of visitors who click the “Check Rates” button). Purchase Intent hit 31% one month, exceeding the industry average of 20-30%.

“We love the big impact that we’re seeing Vizlly have on our bottom line already, and it’s only been a couple months!”

Plus, in a single month, the hotel’s media (photos, videos, virtual tours) received more than 166,000 views across their website, Facebook page and digital brochures on third-party travel websites.

The Cherry on Top: Maripat’s Success Coach

Maripat’s subscription to Vizlly came with a smart, energetic Success Coach to help her execute a new digital marketing strategy.

“We love having a Success Coach that is so positive and full of energy to work collaboratively with us to put the hotel’s best foot forward online. Because of this, we wouldn’t even think about leaving.”

Maripat used to be like most hoteliers: extremely busy, wearing many hats, and with little time to oversee a website that wasn’t performing. But now, with Vizlly she is seeing positive results – increases in ADR, Purchase Intent, RevPar, and more. While she’s still really busy, the easy to use platform plus the converting website – and the bonus of her Success Coach –allow her to do so much more in the little time she has, while still seeing great results.

The Result: Increased Direct Bookings, ADR, RevPar and Occupancy

Like many hotels today, the Best Western Naperville Inn is motivated to take bookings back from the OTAs. Since launching Vizlly, Maripat and the Best Western Naperville Inn are seeing OTA bookings decline and direct bookings increase. In fact, OTA bookings have gone down 15% in just two months. While a new Best Western Rewards program that offers members lower rates than OTAs is contributing to this shift, Maripat’s new digital marketing strategy is also a significant factor in driving more direct bookings.

“Our ADR and RevPar are both up 10% and we’re at 88% occupancy while in the off-season. We’re really proud of these results, especially in today’s market and economy.”

With these results, a property similar to the BW Naperville is estimated to see revenue increase more than $265,000 for the year. That’s a 59x return on investment! These results were calculated using the Vizlly ROI calculator and the following criteria: Vizlly DMS+, 102 rooms, 88% Occupancy Rate, $81 ADR.

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