SEO and storytelling are twin tools that leverage each other’s capabilities to not only impact your visibility in search engines but to convert travel shoppers on your website because of the compelling information that you provide.

When used correctly, the pair can cohesively work together to get your hotel story in front of as many travelers as possible and drive direct bookings.

Implementing proper SEO ensures you are ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), driving traffic to your website, and by telling a compelling story, you can ensure that traffic is translated into conversions – more heads in your beds.

An SEO Recap

SEO is the infrastructure that provides the introduction between travel shoppers and your hotel’s website. Meta descriptions, effective keywords, ALT tags and optimizing content and multi-media are the embedded framework that lead up to this introduction.

There used to be ways of cheating the SEO game to rank higher in SERPs but Google algorithms have tightened their regulations to not let this happen anymore. While you might think this is a downside, it actually helps you by encouraging you to provide relevant content to your consumers – because while SEO drives people to your website, it can’t make them complete the transaction. If you have a visually unappealing website ripe with weak content that is completely void of any proper story, people will be clicking away from your site just as fast as they got there.

It is imperative to understand that an optimized website is what helps propel more eyes to your page and a good story is what drives direct bookings, so you need both to get the most bang for your digital marketing buck.

After you’ve implemented your essential SEO features for your website, it’s time to develop your storytelling capabilities to tell a well-rounded hotel narrative that showcases your unique features including your specific amenities, local attractions and more.

storytelling is a crucial aspect of seo

Tune Up Your Hotel Story Today. Here are 5 Resources to Help You Out

Loren Gray, VP of Digital Strategy at Standing Dog Interactive, invited Darlene Rondeau, our VP, Best Practices, Online Merchandising to discuss the importance of visual storytelling and how to engage travelers in this podcast.

We asked social media expert, Monica Rafter at Write On Marketing Communications, to answer your most-asked question: How do I figure out what my hotel story is?

You need to examine what makes your hotel unique, what key features travelers are attracted to and what you have to offer. We compiled four resources in this blog to help with your storytelling journey.

47% of hoteliers admitted their biggest challenge, in regards to managing content, was choosing the right content which effectively tells their hotel’s story. Here are five perfect tips to take into consideration.

Quality and experience is remembered long after price is forgotten. Here’s how you can amplify your story, complete with a great example from the Best Western Premier Crown Chase Inn & Suites.

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