With over 5000 hotel rooms in Long Beach, California, the Courtyard Marriott Long Beach Airport was finding it hard to stand out in an over-crowded marketplace. This brand new hotel, conveniently located near the airport and major Fortune 500 companies, offers all the amenities a business traveler might need. But its old website failed to communicate this, and bookings were suffering as a result.

courtyard marriot long beach airport's old website

The Hotel’s Old Website Didn’t Wow Business Travelers

Its old website lacked that “wow factor” to draw in travel shoppers. It also wasn’t optimized for mobile – a huge disadvantage considering 53% of business travelers have made travel bookings on a smartphone.

Kokua Hospitality, the management company that operates the Courtyard Marriott Long Beach Airport, knew it needed to upgrade its technology to increase revenue for this property.

Enter Vizlly, our digital marketing solution for hotels. Vizlly gave the Courtyard Marriot Long Beach Airport the tools it needed to tell a unique story and sell more rooms.

The Power of Visual Storytelling

This started with a new conversion-driven hotel website.

Launched in February 2017, the new website removed dull exterior photos from the homepage. These images didn’t convey anything unique about the hotel, or what kind of experience guests could expect.

Instead, the homepage now features striking visuals of the hotel’s guest rooms, meeting areas and swimming pool. Travel shoppers can instantly recognize this is a place for work and play, and ideal for business travelers heading to Long Beach.

The New Website Leads with Guest Room Images on the Homepage

An intuitive design makes this website easy to navigate.

From the main menu, travel shoppers can get to all the information they need to make a booking decision – guest room information, amenities, on-site dining options, meeting space, area attractions, and special offers.

Each page uses a combination of text, images, captions, and video to distinguish what makes the Courtyard Marriott Long Beach Airport better than other hotels in its comp set.

An intuitive design helps travel shoppers find the information they are looking for

The hotel validates all of what’s being said on its website with guest reviews.

This is an important element of social proof for travel shoppers, and provides that extra nudge someone might need to complete the booking.

The Courtyard Marriott Long Beach Airport has an impressive 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor, and displays this proudly on its website using TripAdvisor’s embeddable widgets.

reviews help ensure business travelers book direct

Embedded TripAdvisor reviews further validate the booking decision

Telling Its Story On the Go

The Courtyard Marriott Long Beach Airport now has a mobile responsive website. This ensures travel shoppers have an optimal viewing experience on any device, be it a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

This is particularly important for business travelers, who may need to make a last minute booking or contact the hotel while on the road.

A mobile website is also important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google will soon be switching to a mobile-first index, rewarding websites optimized for mobile viewing with higher search rankings.

The Results

Thanks to a new website that’s mobile friendly and optimized for SEO, the Courtyard Marriott Long Beach Airport is seeing some tremendous results.

It secures the top spot in Google’s local listings for the term “long beach hotels for work.” This is no small victory, considering Google only lists 3 hotels in this section of the search engine results page.

The Courtyard Marriott Long Beach Airport nabs first spot in Google’s local listing

This strong organic ranking is having a positive effect on website traffic. Over a 3 month period, the Courtyard Marriott’s website had over 1,000 visitors.

Its mobile website played a big role in this upswing of traffic. In fact, 40% of all website visitors now come from mobile devices (tablet & smartphone).

And these visitors clearly like the story told by the Courtyard Marriott Long Beach Airport. 36% of all website visitors are clicking through to the booking engine to start their reservation!

Excelling on Third-Party Channels

The Courtyard Marriott Long Beach Airport is focused on more than just driving direct bookings through its website. In the hotel business, every dollar counts!

For this reason, it’s also focused on driving incremental revenue through third-party travel websites, especially those lucrative corporate booking channels, like Concur.

Many hotels underestimate the power of these channels to their bottom line, and therefore pay little attention to how they are being represented on them. This is where the Courtyard Marriott Long Beach Airport has an advantage.

The hotel receives over 130 clicks on its digital brochure on Concur each month. Not bad, considering this is a closed booking channel for corporate travelers and requires a login. This digital brochure also receives nearly 600 media views per month, indicating that travel shoppers are taking a closer look at the Courtyard Marriott as they consider their hotel options.

By using Vizlly’s targeted digital brochures, the Courtyard Marriott Long Beach Airport can tell a better story on this channel than its competitors. It can provide more images, organize these images into a logical order, and add captions and short descriptions that appeal to business travelers.

Just look at its listing on Concur, compared to one of its competitors.

improved listing to appeal to business travelers

Use the slider above to compare the Courtyard Marriott’s Concur listing to its competitor

By providing more information in its listing, the Courtyard Marriott Long Beach Airport helps business travelers make a more informed purchase decision.

More Best Practices for Driving Direct Bookings

The Courtyard Marriott Long Beach Airport is an excellent example of a hotel using our website best practices to drive more direct bookings at a lower cost.

See how other hotels are doing the same. Download our eBook, “Best Practices for a High-Converting Website: A Look Book for Hoteliers.”

You’ll learn 5 best practices for sprucing up your website and giving travel shoppers what they want. We’ve also included 10 real-life hotel examples (with before & after shots) to see our best practices in action.

more direct bookings at a lower cost

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