Everything You Need to Know About Targeting Your Ideal Guest

Today’s travel shoppers expect hotels to give them personalized and tailored experiences. In fact, 50% of travel shoppers download apps just to receive personalized offers. Our Guide, “Everything You Need to Know About Targeting Your Ideal Guest,” will show you how to successfully target your ideal guest, from the business, to the millennial, to the adventure traveler. Learn who they are, why they’re important and what they’re looking for by downloading this guide today.

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The Business Traveler

The business traveler is working on-the-go and a lucrative guest to target. They want to be able to access everything they need, wherever they are, so a mobile device is always in their hands.

The Leisure Traveler

Leisure travelers are influenced by those around them – 61% of leisure travelers said that family and friends inspired new travel.

The Bleisure Traveler

The blurring lines between business and leisure travelers have created the new bleisure traveler, a person who extends work trips for leisure or keeps their inbox at bay during a vacation.

The Millennial Traveler

The Millennial generation, born between 1980 and the early 2000s, is one of the largest since the Baby Boom. This generation is all grown-up and traveling for work or pleasure.

The Group Travelers

Whether they’re traveling for a family function or a corporate event, group travelers are important to many hotels because they help fill room blocks.

The Chinese Traveler

Chinese travelers are one of the most important segments to keep your eyes on. These travelers have a lot of disposable income to spend on their trips and independent trips are growing more rapidly than groups for this demographic.

The Female Traveler

These travelers are busy and on-the-go, whether they’re traveling for business or planning the next family trip. They’re often the family decision-makers so grabbing their attention means grabbing their wallets too.

The Adventure Traveler

From the adrenaline seekers to the nature lovers, the adventure traveler is looking for a thrilling experience. The majority are young, male, single and never married and use social media to dream up their next venture.

The Wellness Traveler

Their name speaks for itself: these travelers may be attending yoga retreats, eating vegan food or looking for a spa getaway. They love to stay healthy, even while on vacation – so hotels need to accommodate their needs.

Today’s travelers expect hotels to give them personalized and tailored experiences. They’re used to seeing relevant ads follow them around the internet based on their last clicks and visits. In fact, 50% of travelers download apps just to receive personalized offers. And four out of 10 travelers would share their data if it meant increased personalization.

For hoteliers, this means providing your target demographic (whether that’s the business, leisure, millennial or any other traveler) with relevant content that addresses their needs, answers their questions and makes them confident enough to book.

Take a look through this guide to learn more about the different types of travelers (including new demographics like the Wellness and Adventure travelers) and what they’re looking for so you can learn how to create content tailored to each demographic you’d like to target. Then, check off what you’re doing well and what you want to work on this year.

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