Content Marketing 101 For Hotels

On average, per day per person, we receive over 2,900 marketing messages, so it’s getting tougher and tougher to get the attention of travel shoppers. To cut through all the clutter, travel shoppers want to be able to explore their options and understand the value you’re offering them. We discuss why content marketing is important for your hotel while showcasing properties, big and small, that are going above and beyond to provide travel shoppers with the value they want.

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The value of content marketing is exploding in every industry, and is no different for hospitality – if anything, it’s even more important in a field where consumers are constantly reading content; viewing images of your rooms, amenities and unique features; watching videos about the places they aspire to visit; reading online reviews; and posting on Facebook and Twitter about their trips.

Ch. 1: What Is Content Marketing?

While content marketing has become a hot topic over the last couple of years, the idea of creating effective content is nothing new – for hundreds of years, people have been using the power of content to educate, inform… and sell.

Ch. 2: Why Content Marketing Is Important For Your Hotel

The hospitality industry is ideal to utilize the power of content marketing to convey your hotel story and amplify that story to travelers who perhaps have never heard of your hotel or your destination but may turn into a customer thanks to that unique story you’re telling.

Ch. 3: Why Successful Content Marketing Benefits You

Content and storytelling is the best way to generate interest in your property and differentiate your hotel from the competition. 80% of consumers appreciate learning about a company through content and 60% of people are inspired to seek a product after reading about it.

Ch. 4: Learn From The Pros

Hotels big and small, branded and non-branded, are turning to content marketing to share their hotel story with prospective guests, build relationships, enhance loyalty and develop long-term relationships that turn into sales.

If you want to drive direct bookings, then you need to create a compelling website that encourages travelers to book now. Website conversion rate is six times higher for brands using content marketing compared to brands that don’t.

Plus, travelers often switch between researching on third party websites such as Meta-Search sites, Corporate Booking sites, OTAs and more as well as your hotel website – and 37% of leisure and business travelers watch travel videos when deciding which website to book on.

If you’re creating intriguing content – about your chef from Guatemala or your Friday night cocktails and any other unique features – you’re telling prospective guests who you are and why they should choose you.

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