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Multi-Media Guidelines for Hotel Marketers

Regardless of your travel shopping intentions, be it for business or leisure, consumers are looking for more than just a room – they’re looking for the best possible experience. In order to capture their imagination, your property website needs to present them with visuals that will give them the tools they need to imagine that experience. That is the intention of this eBook all about multi-media guidelines hotel marketers can use. Images, virtual tours and video are what captures the attention of travel shoppers of all type. Learn the benefits of different multi-media strategies and how you can incorporate them in your marketing here.

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When travel shoppers encounter your hotel online, you want to present them with visuals that will capture their attention and imagination. Therefore it goes without saying that the still photography, virtual tours and video you choose to use on travel websites, your website, social media and mobile websites should be of the highest quality.

Ch. 1: Images

Still images are a great way to capture a moment of time and emotion. According to Hubspot, image posts on Facebook generate 53% more likes and 104% more comments than the average post.

Ch. 2: Virtual Tours

Websites with virtual tours are viewed 5-10 times longer than those without. Don’t underestimate the strength/power of virtual tours when trying to attract travel shoppers.

Ch. 3: Video

Video engages consumers and increases the likelihood of booking. In fact, 66% of consumers report watching video when planning travel and 43% when reserving accommodations.

Ch. 4: Universal Best Practices for All Media

Adding brief text descriptions to your visual media items is an easy way to convey even more relevant information about your hotel to travel shoppers.

Ch. 5: Takeaways

The internet offers hoteliers a canvas to visually share stories with the world, take advantage of this opportunity by creating a visual masterpiece online that will catch the eye of travel shoppers.

In our contemporary world of cutting edge technology, interactive apps, and sometimes frenetic websites, it’s easy to overlook the basics. All great stories begin with images, in fact, JK Rowling, the most successful author of our generation, admitted that she drew Harry Potter’s world before she wrote about it! After all, humans are visual creatures. We process pictures 60,000 times faster than words and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.2 The right images evoke emotion and memories, and when engaging captions and descriptions are added, we are compelled to take action. In this Best Practice Guide, you’ll gain insight into the critical role photos, virtual tours and videos play in your hotel’s marketing plan and how to implement your media using the most modern and effective techniques in the industry today.

Whether shopping for a hotel for a business or leisure trip, consumers are looking for more than just a room – they are looking for the best possible experience.

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