How the J House Greenwich Increased Mobile Bookings by 42% in 45 Days

Their Problems
  • Website not converting
  • Not optimized for mobile
  • High digital marketing costs
  • Website difficult to maintain
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Case Study

How J House Greenwich Decreased Marketing Costs by $900/Month with Vizlly

More than 67% of leisure travelers and 78% of business travelers use a mobile device at some point in the travel shopping journey, according to Google’s latest Traveler’s Road to Decision study.

As mobile begins to surpass desktop usage (in fact, in 10 countries – U.S. included – smartphone search has exceeded desktop), accommodation providers need to make it easy for travel shoppers to book accommodations, no matter which device they’re using, or they’ll find themselves no longer an option.

The Challenge: Improve the Mobile Shopping Experience for the 24/7 Consumer

The J House Greenwich is a boutique luxury hotel in Greenwich, Connecticut, that wanted to breathe new life into their desktop website to better showcase their features and amenities, and make it easy for mobile consumers to find out what they were looking for on the go.

“How your website looks defines who you are. People are experiencing your hotel before they walk through the door,” said Bernard Augustin, Assistant General Manager at J House Greenwich. “We’re becoming a visual society so having a visually-driven website is extremely important.”

The Solution: Visually-Driven Desktop and Mobile Optimized Websites That Drive Bookings

To solve this challenge, Bernard and his team use Vizlly, Leonardo’s Multi-Channel Digital Marketing System, to create new desktop and mobile websites that would enable them to highlight the property’s rooms and unique features, and make it easy for travel shoppers to make a booking.

“With everyone glued to mobile devices, you realize how important it is to have some mobile muscle and we’ve been able to efficiently tell potential guests who we are. We’ve seen direct results from it in the past 45 days using Vizlly.”

Increased Mobile Bookings by 42% in 45 Days

In just six short weeks since going live with Vizlly, the J House Greenwich’s mobile bookings have increased by 42%. “It’s staggering how many reservations are coded as mobile in our booking system since launching our mobile site,” said Bernard. “That’s a huge increase in such a short time.”

“We’re also seeing higher ADRs from mobile bookings and we’ve even had guests in the parking lot making a booking on their mobile device.”

Increased Occupancy by 19%

Now that the J House Greenwich has a website that showcases what travel shoppers care most about – their rooms, unique features and special offers – plus a mobile optimized website that allows travelers to shop and book no matter which device they’re using, occupancy has increased by 19% in just 45 days since transitioning to Vizlly.

“The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is true. We don’t need to explain that we have a coffee bar; now, the pictures on our website speak for themselves. It’s a way more effective way of getting the message across and it’s working.”

Increase Revenue and Decreased Cost: Cost Savings of Over $900/Month

Prior to Vizlly, J House Greenwich paid a digital marketing company thousands of dollars to create their website plus over $1,200 per month to manage it. “We had very little control of our website. If we wanted to change a picture, we’d have to spend time with customer service that we were billed for. It was too much of a headache,” said Bernard.

Since switching to Vizlly, Bernard has saved over $900/month and now has an easy-to-use, intuitive system that enables him to make updates to his desktop and mobile websites anytime, anywhere.

“When I heard about Vizlly, it almost sounded too good to be true. This is a $15,000-$20,000 website that we’ve gotten for a fraction of the price and we’re getting a better product. It makes me look like a rock star!”

Bernard expects the bookings to increase even further as the year goes on and couldn’t be happier that he now has a better way to give travel shoppers what they want and drive direct bookings. “Vizlly is a no-brainer,” he said.

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See how Vizlly can help you with a personalized demo.

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