Before Vizlly, The Holiday Inn Casa Grande’s website was seriously lacking. Its homepage was missing that “WOW factor” to draw travel shoppers in. The Accommodation types were uninspiring and text-heavy. And, most importantly, its website was not optimized for mobile.

the casa grande's old website

The Holiday Inn Casa Grande’s Old Website

This was a major concern for the Innvestment Group, a hotel management company that owns the Holiday Inn Casa Grande.

After all, 1 in 5 hotel reservations are now made on a mobile device. And with Google switching to a mobile-first index in the near future, websites not optimized for mobile will start to slip in organic search results.

The Innvestment Group knew it needed to acknowledge these industry changes. If it wanted to drive more direct bookings for this property, it needed to get up to date with the latest technology.

Enter Vizlly, our digital marketing solution.

The Innvestment Group trialled Vizlly with one of its other properties, the Best Western McCarren Inn. Impressed by the results, they signed up the Holiday Inn Casa Grande soon after.

The Holiday Inn Casa Grande went live with its Vizlly-powered website in January 2017. And the improvements are striking.

Its new website now:

  • Tells a visually engaging story
  • Makes it easy to navigate and book (an important SEO factor)
  • Showcases Room Types in a clean and well-ordered manner
  • Promotes special offers
  • Fits the Holiday Inn’s corporate branding guidelines
  • Has a mobile responsive website (also important for SEO)

holiday inn casa grande's new vizlly website

Holiday Inn Casa Grande’s new Vizlly-powered website

A Mobile Website to Envy

The Casa Grande’s new mobile website provides an optimal mobile experience for travel shoppers. This includes:

  • Click to call functionality to easily contact the hotel
  • Booking engine integration to support mobile bookings
  • Google Maps integration
  • Suggestions on things to do in the local area

Its mobile website is so impressive that it was featured in our new eBook, Best Practices for a High-Converting Website: A Look Book for Hoteliers.

The Holiday Inn Casa Grande’s mobile responsive website

The Results

Thanks to a search-friendly website that’s now optimized for conversions, The Holiday Inn Casa Grande is seeing promising results.

A branded search (for “Holiday Inn Casa Grande”) shows it ranking third in organic search results, behind IHG’s corporate website (see below). This is good news from an SEO perspective, with the top 3 organic search positions belonging to direct booking channels, forcing the likes of TripAdvisor and Expedia further down the page.

holiday inn casa grande improved seo

Holiday Inn Casa Grande secures the top 3 positions in organic search results for its direct booking channels

A non-branded search (for “hotels in casa grande”) reveals the Holiday Inn Casa Grande ranking first organically in Google’s local listing (see below).

This is important because organic search results have been found to garner more clicks that paid advertisements. So, even though it is listed lower down the page, the fact that this is a non-paid placement works in the hotel’s favor.

Google used to allow 7 local listings in this section, but cut that down to 3. So now it’s even harder to rank in this local listing, but the Holiday Inn Casa Grande has managed to secure the best spot!

casa grande hotels search results

Non-branded Search for Hotels in Casa Grande

Website Performance

In the last 3 months, the Holiday Inn Casa Grande has seen over 3000 visitors/month to its website. And it’s a good job it now has a mobile website because 51% of that traffic comes from mobile devices.

The website does a great job of engaging travel shoppers and leading them down the booking path. This is evidenced by the fact that 30% of all website visitors click through to the booking engine to check rates.

holiday inn casa grande's guest rooms

And while its website is the main way to drive direct bookings, 9% of Casa Grande’s website visitors are using the click-to-call functionality to contact the hotel directly. This feature is especially valuable for last-minute bookings, where travelers may be using a smartphone and prefer to book over the phone.

Best Practices for Driving Direct Bookings

The Holiday Inn Casa Grande is an excellent example of a hotel using our website best practices to drive more direct bookings.

See how other hotels are doing the same. Download our eBook, “Best Practices for a High-Converting Website: A Look Book for Hoteliers.”

You’ll learn 5 best practices for sprucing up your website and giving travel shoppers what they want. We’ve also included 10 real-life hotel examples (including before & after shots) to see our best practices in action.

best practices for a high-converting website

Best Practices for a High-Converting Website: A Look Book for Hoteliers

Download this Look Book to learn 5 best practices for a high-converting website, with practical examples from hotels reaping the rewards.

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